Violence on Capitol Hill: Donald Trump Supporters MAGA Violence in the United States Capitol Hill Fear of Civil War in America: Bloody violence by Donald Trump supporters in the United States Parliament fearing Civil War

Supporters of US President Donald Trump were forced into the Capitol of Parliament on Wednesday and were criticized by the violence, which was unwilling to give up even after a bitter defeat in the US presidential election. Trump supporters entered the Capitol building, called the symbol of American democracy, while preparing to officially declare Congressman Joe Biden an election victory. Trump supporters suddenly entered Parliament and security personnel had to take MPs to military camp. A protester died in the violence and an explosive such as identification was also recovered. Following violence by Trump supporters, a large number of security forces have been deployed inside Parliament and work has now resumed. On the flip side, Trump’s opponents have called it an attempted civil war. Meanwhile, leaders around the world are critical of the violence.

Protesters clashed with police outside parliament, MPs had to flee

Trump supporters have repeatedly clashed with police outside the Capitol building and many have also made it into Parliament. During this time, there was an atmosphere of chaos in Parliament and many MPs had to quit their jobs from inside the House. At the same time, the doors to the Senate were safely closed. It is said that the deputies were taken to a US Army camp for their safety. In the United States, at two o’clock in the afternoon, Trump’s opposition to Arizona’s electoral vote was debated in the Senate. Meanwhile, we hear that the protesters have entered and are outside the Senate Chamber. After that, the debate was stopped. The protesters reached the third floor of the Senate and meanwhile they were shouting slogans violently. Security personnel had to shoot a gun to chase the protesters away.

Donald Trump’s tweet sparked new controversy, Twitter banned

Meanwhile, in an unprecedented move, Twitter banned President Donald Trump’s account on Wednesday for 12 hours. Trump had continuously made false statements about the election when his supporters entered parliament. Previously, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube deleted all short videos of Donald Trump’s speech. In those videos, he told his supporters to go home but also alleged that the president was rigged in the election. Trump released the video two hours after protesters entered the Capitol building. Twitter released a statement saying three of Donald Trump’s tweets should be deleted due to the ongoing violent situation in Washington, as these tweets violate our civic integrity policy. Twitter said this means Donald Trump’s account will remain locked for 12 hours after these tweets are deleted. If the tweets are not deleted, their Twitter account will remain locked.

Biden, who instigated violence in the US parliament, said treason

At the same time, Joe Biden, who was elected to the presidency, said I am calling on President Donald Trump to honor his oath, protect the constitution and demand that this seat be abolished. Biden said, “Let me clarify that the commotion we saw on the Capitol building is not like that. These are a small number of illegal abusers. Biden described the outcry around the Capitol building as betrayal. On the flip side, the US leader of another major Democratic Party, Bernie Sanders, has said that a president who has lost by 7 million votes and is now preparing for civil war under cover of lies. I’ve never seen this in my life. These photos are a stain on American history. Meanwhile, Senator McConnell of the Republican Party condemned the violence. He said, “We are not afraid of threats. Even though it is a civil war, the wheel of our democracy has never stopped. Today, we are trying to assassinate democratic values. An attempt was made to kindle the fire of the rebellion. America has been and will continue to be the free choice of the people. We will legally complete the process of changing the president. The criminal attitude cannot deter our resolve.

Woman killed in attack on Parliament

A woman was killed and several injured in the violence in the Capitol building, a symbol of American democracy. Not only that, the constitutional process for electing President Biden was also blocked by this violence. However, it was later picked up when security forces arrived. It is said that the crowd was so large that the police failed and thousands of people entered the temple of American democracy. The process of counting the electoral votes in Parliament was underway. After the violence, both chambers of parliament were locked. Vice President Mike Pence and other MPs were evacuated to safety. According to a CNN report, a woman has died in the violence. Many police officers were also seriously injured. After the announcement of the curfew in the capital, the crowd began to disperse. Police arrested several protesters. The Parliament meeting has resumed. World leaders including British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, Canadian Prime Minister, have condemned the violence. The Civil War in America was feared by the whole world.

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