viral alpaca video: Germany disabled viral video of alpaca on wheels: viral alpaca video

Ronja Pol’s heart melted for the first time when he saw an alpaca named Mary. Mary had two leg injuries and was only forced to walk on two legs. After seeing this, she decided to give this orphaned Alpaka a home and harness the wheels to walk. After bringing Mary in, Pol took her to the doctor who cut off her leg and contacted the company that made the animal chair.

At the time of Mary’s birth, an accident injured her feet forever. Her mother and sister were killed in the incident and her family were not spared. When Pol met Mary, she was jumping as if to prove how strong she is. So Pol decided that she would give Mary a new and better life.

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Today Mary is in the frame and wheel harness and continues to roam the pole barn. He began to mix with other animals. The poll says that Mary now does a lot of things herself. Now if she falls she wakes up. Poole said that as soon as Mary starts lifting weights on her third leg, she will be put on an artificial leg. From there she will live with the Alpaka herd of Pol’s boyfriends and lead a normal life.

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