Viral Bike Truck Crash: Viral Brazil Bike Truck Crash News: Viral Brazil Bike Truck Crash

A truck struck a motorcycle in Santa Catarina, Brazil. This knocked down the woman who was riding it on the road and her husband was hanged from the truck. His motorcycle got stuck in the truck and for 30 kilometers he hung onto the truck. Eventually, the driver of the truck was arrested, but the woman could not be saved.

Traveled 30 km
Andersen Antonio Pereira was riding a motorcycle with his wife Sandra when Laurie was hit from behind. Andersen grabs Laurie’s door but Sandra falls in the street. He was taken to hospital by helicopter but his life could not be saved due to head injuries. At the same time, Anderson drove off 30 km hooked up to the truck and his motorcycle was stuck in it.

Drug addict suspect
People grabbed the driver of the truck and handed him over to the police. Constable Yuliam Soarez de Silva said the driver suspected of being intoxicated and cocaine was also recovered from the vehicle but passed the breath analyzer test. According to the Brazilian media G1, the accused behaved like a drunkard. He was trying to cut people off at the police station and was extremely aggressive.

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