Viral Crocodile Video: Watch the video, a 15-foot-long crocodile spotted on a golf course in Cancun

People were amazed to see a giant crocodile walking on a golf course in Mexico. The length of this crocodile is said to be over 15 feet. A video of this incident is also going very viral. In this video footage, the giant crocodile can be seen walking peacefully in a ditch on the fairway. One of these giant crocodiles was seen in Florida last year. After which a debate erupted on social networks regarding its reality.

American couple break record in Mexico
The stunning video was recorded by Stacy Miller at Dreams Playa Mujeres Golf Resort near Cancun. Miller is from Arizona, USA, who had come to Cancun on vacation with her husband Ryan and his friends. In the video, Ryan is heard asking his wife Stacy to zoom in. After which Stacy is heard telling her husband to get away from the crocodile.

The July 5 video is recounted
This video is told on July 5 of this year. The couple were walking on a golf course with their friends Eli and Barrett Hartman at the time of the incident. In this video we can hear another man say this is going to go where we need to go. Are we going to get over it too soon? The other guy says ‘We’re going to be stuck here – do you want to go ahead or do you want to wait?’

People were surprised to see the video on social media
The friends of these four were surprised to see this video. One of them wrote: “Wow that’s amazing. Another user wrote that at first glance I thought this was all wrong. To which Stacy commented that yes, that’s very crazy. another wrote that “I thought I lived in a country with deadly animals, but I’ve never seen anything like it.” One of them joked, “What? He’s just going to work… He hasn’t even had his coffee yet “, while another insists:” Let him play!

Crocodiles are several times more aggressive than alligators
Alligators are often considered to be much more aggressive than alligators. Alligators are not as big and only attack when provoked, while crocodiles search for their prey and attack what they find.

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