Viral Diamond News: Unknown Diamond Stones Found in Africa

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Like a movie story, a large number of people gathered after the discovery of a unique and unknown stone in a village in South Africa. People come here from afar to try their luck in the hope of getting diamonds. Over a thousand people dig in KwaHlathi. It all started when a shepherd told people about this place.

According to the Sky News report, a person named Mendo Sabello called the discovery a life changing. He says that now he won’t have to do small chores and his life will change. There are a lot of people like him who are digging here in the hopes of finding diamonds.

What are these stones?
At the same time, the country’s Mineral Resources Department said a team of geographers and excavation experts would be sent here to collect samples and analyze the data. A formal report will be tabled in this regard. Although it is not yet clear whether these stones are really diamonds or not, people are busy digging.

Even a lot of people have started selling them. The provincial government has asked people to leave this place so that a proper inspection can be carried out. With the gathering of such a large number of people, there is also a risk of the spread of Kovid-19. South Africa’s economy suffered a major setback due to Corona.

Emerald land spitting diamonds made the worker a millionaire

people dig for diamonds

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