viral human rat video: a ‘life-size rat’ wandering the New York subway, blasting public senses for 11 years – video of a human-sized rat on the New York subway

New York
In the United States, it is common to see rats at the New York train station, but there is a mouse that always blows people’s senses. The video of this life-size mouse is also widely distributed on social networks. In fact, it’s not a real mouse but an artist and his video made on Tick-Tock surprised people on Twitter.

Jonothon Lyons is a performance artist. Big rat mask and long tail. A video of Tiktok was posted on Twitter and was the subject of much discussion on social media. The people of Lyon live in costumes and shoes and gloves in hand. He crawls on the ground. The name of this avatar is Buddy the Rat.

Lyons says he created the look 11 years ago. He shared a video taken in Times Square on YouTube. He shot for a short film with Buddy. As he was filming in Washington Square Park, crowds of people started to see him. He jokes that because of this costume, social distancing should be easy to follow.

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