viral image from pakistan: Viral image of a single passenger on a Pakistani airlines flight from UK: Image of a lone Pakistani passenger flying from UK goes viral

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Photo of Pakistan International Airlines boarding flight from ViralBritain Only one passenger has taken a flight due to Korona’s new strain.
Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) set a new record. A flight photo of it goes viral with only one passenger on board. This international flight was from Manchester to Islamabad. The only traveler was from Gujarat. The photo of the man sitting alone in the PIA-chartered A330 Hi-Fly is now widely shared on social media.

Reduced flights from the UK
According to reports, this flight typically carries 371 passengers, but due to the corona virus, the number of people arriving from Britain has dropped significantly. Apart from that, PIA flights have also been banned in the European Union and UK since the plane crash in May last year. Significantly, after the plane crash at the residential settlement near Karachi airport, the trap of bogus pilots in the country was exposed.

PIA spokesman Abdullah Khan told media that the Pakistani government authorized the chartered plane on humanitarian grounds at the request of the Gujarat Passenger Authority. The lone passenger was seated in a business class cabin for a seven hour trip.

New viral havoc in Britain
Previously, the Pakistani government had banned flights from the UK to the new strain of Corona virus. Two passengers infected with this new strain were found in Pakistan. Pakistanis traveling to Britain will have to take a negative PCR test 72 hours in advance. The situation has worsened due to the new virus in Britain and now the most difficult lockdown has been implemented.

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