Viral image of the Moon: The colorful image of the Moon goes viral: The colorful image of the Moon goes viral

Taking pictures of the moon is an ordinary man’s favorite thing among astrophotographers. For the past few days, a very beautiful moon photo has been very popular, which was captured on camera by 16-year-old Pramesh Jaju from Pune. The peculiarity is that this image, which is very clear, is actually made by mixing 55,000 photos and it took 186 gigabytes of data.

How was the photo taken?
Prathamesh says he first took 38 videos of small parts of the moon. Each video has around 2000 images. They were stabilized and converted into a single image, then applied together to form a complete image of the moon. For this they used Celestron 5 Cassegrain OTA (telescope), ZWO ASI120MC-S ultra-fast USB camera, SkyWatcher EQ3-2 mount and GSO 2X BARLOW lens. Then I took pictures with the help of SharpCap and stabilized them.

How colorful?
The color of the moon is also seen differently in this image, as it is usually not seen. Jaju said that each color shows the minerals found on the moon. With the help of the camera, there are areas of blue color where there is ilmenite made of iron, titanium and oxygen and orange and purple in color where its amount is less. White or gray colors are visible where there is more sunlight.

This vermilion photo of Suraj is made by adding a photograph of lakh, the astrophotographer said when and how it was taken
Vermilion photo of the sun
A few days ago, the image of the Sinduri sun made from a million photographs was also very popular. It was so clear that even a solar flare explosion was visible in it. Astrophotographer Andrew McCarthy had said the 230-megapixel photo was the clearest photo he had taken. He has been photographing the sun and the moon for three years. To take this photo a total of 1 lakh photos were taken at the speed of 100 photos per second and finally this photo came out.

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