Viral Kashmiri Women’s Polio Vaccine Video: Watch: Hail to the Courage of Kashmiri Women in Waist-Up Snow, Imran Khan’s Game-play

A video of the passion and passion of the women of occupied Kashmir in Pakistan (POK) is shared on social media. In this video, two women wear a vaccine between the snow and the waist to protect the Kashmiri people from polio. These vaccines should be applied to children of POK. Pakistan is still fighting polio and the government has resumed polio vaccination. On the other hand, Imran’s government is struggling for not providing these polio warriors even in the glove to avoid snow.

These days in PoK it is very cold and snow is falling everywhere. The trails are covered with thick sheets of snow that can reach several meters due to the snowfall. It faces many problems in providing essential services. Even this bad weather of PoK could not shake the enthusiasm and the spirit of the Kashmiri women. She’s going door-to-door with a vaccine to protect Naunihal from the ravages of the polio virus, even after waist-deep snow.
Imran Khan’s government criticized
This video was posted by Pak Fight Polio’s Twitter account. This video has been viewed over a million times to date and over 1,300 people have tweeted. However, these Pakistani government polio warriors are also criticized for failing to provide glasses and other essentials to avoid the cold and snow. Saadia Sheikh wrote that how do these women decide the path without proper gear and glasses?

Saeeda wrote: “Please provide basic equipment and glasses for these women. In the 21st century, seeing these women fighting against the snow does not paint a good picture of Pakistan in the war on polio. Omar Masood wrote: “The general lack of understanding and the government’s lack of accountability is visible throughout this video. If people were to go, then why did the governing party not lead the way. Stupidity. ‘

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