Viral Lawyer Kitten Filter Video: Watch: When lawyer told judge, ‘I’m not a cat, prepare for cross-examination’, the video became Mahaviral – a Texas lawyer accidentally activates the kitten filter during a virtual court hearing on viral video zoom

In Texas, a video of an online cross-examination between a lawyer and a judge in Texas is breaking internet records. This video shows that a lawyer under cross-examination appeared before a judge applying a cat filter. When the judge asked the lawyer, he replied that “I am not a cat”. Now this video is causing a stir on social media. So far this video has been viewed 62 lakh crore times.

In fact, in a Texas court hearing on Tuesday, a lawyer accidentally turned on the CAT filter on the zoom. After that, the Ponton Road prosecutor had to fight to remove the cat filter. At the hearing, he looked like a cat. Judge Roy B. Ferguson can then be heard assisting Ponton.

The lawyer clarified on the application of the chat filter
Justice Roy said: “Mr. Pontoon, I think you activated your filter by going into video settings. The funniest occasion in this whole video comes when lawyer Ponton assures the judge that I am not a cat. He said: “I called my assistant and she is trying to solve the problem, but I am ready to cross-examine him as well.” Ponton said: “I am alive and I am not a cat.”

The video has been viewed six million crore times so far and approximately 60,000 people have retweeted it on Twitter. More than two lakh people liked it. On the other hand, on this incident, Ponton stated that he used his secretary’s computer, which led to this error. He said the secretary accidentally turned on the cat’s filter. I closed the chat filter. It was the same as someone trying to escape America with drugs. It was a mistake and it has been corrected. Later, the hearing proceeded in the usual manner.

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