viral mosquito video: viral mosquito video from tornado in Russia

If you think you’re the only one who has faced the mosquito terror up close, check out this video from Russia. It is as if a mosquito cyclone has arrived here. Not a few hundred or a thousand, millions of mosquitoes appeared in Kamchatka, on the east coast of Russia. Even this terribly frightened the local population. How terrible this “attack” was, can be measured by the fact that from a distance this storm appears to be made of dust, but on closer inspection, mosquitoes are known to be spinning in it.

In a DailyMail report, residents say the road is not visible while driving. The Siberian Times also shared a video of it. This scene is clearly understood in images taken from inside a vehicle. In this, countless mosquitoes circle the car and their cyclone rises in the distance.

Experts told Kamchatka Inform Media that it was actually a breeding method for mosquitoes and people shouldn’t be worried about it. According to insect expert Lyudmila Lobkova, these male mosquitoes revolve around female mosquitoes to reproduce. They don’t bite humans. At the same time, locals say that such sites are common, but this time they have increased a lot. Repellents also don’t work on them.

Similar scenes were also seen in America last year. Mosquito numbers increased after heavy rains from Hurricane Laura in Louisiana. Even farmers reported that these mosquitoes drank the blood of cattle until they collapsed and thus killed at least between 300 and 400 head of cattle.

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