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Large numbers of people travel to Antarctica to see the penguin colony. Meeting a large colony is a very special experience, but when travel blogger Matt Carsten and his wife Anna were on an iceberg tour in Garlesh Strait, they might have thought they were going to have a very exciting sight. Here, he not only saw the penguin but also its action which is once again going viral on social networks.

Matt and Anna boarded the Zodiac boat and filmed their trip. Then he saw an Orca (well killer) trying to catch a penguin. To prevent these huge creatures from becoming pieces, this little bird tried to escape by diving into the water. Vel also did not give up. At one point, the penguin disappeared from sight.

Watch the video here

Then suddenly he was seen jumping out of the water again near a boat. Vail was still behind him. Penguin thought of saving lives and jumped towards a boat full of passengers. The first time he collided with the outside edge of the boat and fell, people got angry, but the next moment he got out of the water and hit the boat this time.

The passengers cheered him on and sat down with him. Vail continued to chase the boat for some distance, then came back. The penguin also returned to the ice water after feeling safe. Anna shared video of the entire incident on her YouTube channel, which goes viral again after a year.

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