viral photo iss and moon: viral photo of the moon with iss: viral photo of the moon and the international space station

The moon photo may have been taken by anyone with a good view of the sky, who has a good camera, but specific times are also very important for a memorable and spectacular photo. Aditya Kinjawadekar from Pune took such a photo that will make anyone stop by.

The International Space Station, orbiting the Earth, also passes in front of the Moon. In the photo taken by Aditya, several images of the ISS are seen coming out of the front of the moon. The ISS, which looks like black pearls in front of the moon shining in white light, makes this image very beautiful. Aditya said the moment was very special because the ISS left in front of the moon in just 500 milliseconds.

As special as this image is, Aditya worked just as hard to take it. He had been trying to see this point of view for two years. He traveled 20 km from his house to capture this transit on camera. The good thing is that the skies were clear about an hour before the transit. With the help of a telescope, he took a video in the camera, then framed this captivating image by joining the frames with the ISS.

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Photo: instagram, deepsky__wonders

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