viral photo on social networks: viral photo of the sun in red: viral image of the sun in red color

The photos of the sun taken from the earth are so beautiful in themselves that they are not lost on view. Now an astrophotographer has taken a very sharp image of the sun. It is made of photographs of a lakh and it is so clear that even a solar flare is visible in it. Astrophotographer Andrew McCarthy said this 230-megapixel photo is the clearest photo he’s taken. He has been photographing the sun and the moon for three years.

This time, using an ultra-sharp telescope, he took so many photos in which the sun was clearly visible. In this image, the sun is seen in the color dark red and the black sky is seen behind the bright sun. This image is so clear that even the plasma emanating from the explosion in the sun is clearly visible. To take this photo a total of 1 lakh photos were taken at the speed of 100 photos per second and finally this photo came out.

According to Andrew, in order to take pictures with so much detail of the sun, he prepared a 4000mm focal length solar telescope and stacked the images together. These were taken just before noon when the sun was high in the sky but the atmosphere was calm. Due to this timing, he was able to see such a clear image of the sun.

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