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During the lockdown, people started joining the meeting via video call quite comfortably. Formal clothing has been replaced by pajamas and shorts. The trend proved to be comfortable as summer approached, but an Israeli journalist took a look at the studio. Her video was shared on social media and since then people’s comments have continued.

According to The Guardian report, this Israeli presenter not only reached the studio in casually dressed, but also reached the set. Someone took her video while filming and now it’s shared widely on social media. Some people joke if they aren’t told it’s not a Zoom call.

Others defended him and said that at least he does what he’s comfortable doing, that clothes shouldn’t matter. Many such anecdotes emerged during the lockdown when people were caught doing something “informal” while hiding from the camera or forgetting their cameras were on during the official meeting.

About 80% of adults in Israel have received the vaccine against the corona virus. With this, Israel acquired collective immunity. After the introduction of collective immunity in Israel, only an average of 15 cases of the corona virus are now reported each day. This is the lowest number of cases of the corona virus after one year. The reduction in cases of corona infection in Israel is very encouraging.

Here, people will no longer have to prove that they have been vaccinated before going to restaurants, sporting events or movie theaters. Schools have already fully opened in Israel before the new rules and masks were not required to go out. People can hold meetings or gatherings across the country. Now, only one ban is in effect in Israel. By virtue of this, it is necessary to wear a mask inside public houses. It is believed that this ban will also be lifted by next week.

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