Viral video in Turkey: Sheep ‘gang’ in Turkish town, harassed officials shared video of ‘thieves’ – viral goat and sheep video from Turkey

In a Turkish city, people are troubled by astonishing terror. Recently he was attacked by a gang of five members and there was a lot of uproar in the streets. The surprising thing is that the members of this gang are a goat, a sheep and three lambs. People are surprised to see video of this strange incident on social media.

CCTV footage was shared on the Nevsahir Municipality’s official Twitter account. In this, these animals are first seen wandering and when the security guard drives them away, these animals attack them. During this time, they are also taking people along. Officials also wrote in the caption of the video: “We were taken captive by a sheep, a goat and three lambs.”

There were many reactions to the video after it was shared. At the same time, according to local reports, these animals were eventually captured and then sent to an establishment called Anmil Town. The owners of these animals returned.

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