Viral video of the floods in Germany: Viral video of the floods in Germany: Viral video of the floods in Germany

In a German city, the ground collapsed under the houses. In another town, floodwaters washed away 12 people at the assisted living center. The death toll in Europe has passed 125 and rescuers are struggling to cope with this terrible tragedy. Meanwhile, a video of a city in Germany surfaced where the entire street has been turned into a river.

the homeless
After several days of heavy rains, large numbers of people in Germany were left homeless. Either their homes have been destroyed or they are in great danger. There are also concerns about the resulting economic losses. Besides Germany, rivers are also in flood in other countries of Europe. 63 people died in the Land of Rhineland-Palatinate in Germany. The water took 12 people to an assisted living center here.

devastation in belgium
43 people have died in neighboring North Rhine-Westphalia. This number is expected to increase. German President Frank Walter has announced his support for the families affected during this sudden disaster. At the same time, at least 20 people have died in Belgium and as many are missing. Even here the rivers become dangerous.

thousands of missing
Officials said Thursday evening that some 1,300 people were still missing in Germany. However, he warned that the higher numbers could be due to data duplication and difficulties communicating with people due to broken roads and phone connections. Officials say efforts are being made to contact these people.

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