Viral video of Xi Jinping: Chinese soldiers applaud Xi Jinping in viral video: Viral video of soldiers applauding Xi Jinping

Chinese President Xi Jinping has been repeatedly compared to dictators. Now, a recent video of him has surfaced, showing which people remembered the dictatorship of his friend and North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un. In fact, people were surprised how the soldiers were seen cheering for welcome Xi.

Journalist @aadilbrar shared a video on Twitter in which military officers from the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) are seen applauding in unison for Xi Jinping. Seeing this, it seems that he trained in it with discipline. They clap together in the same way for a long time, which seems strange to see.

This video is reminiscent of a video of North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un. In it, Kim Jong walks into a room and his officers continue to applaud at the same rate while standing. For a while, Kim also claps with them and then sits down but their officers continue. He also looked like he needed a lot of practice for this.

scary rules of kim jong
Kim Jong’s strict rules are also discussed around the world. Kim, who does not tolerate Western civilization in the country, has now imposed rules against South Korean music, language, hairstyles, and even fashion, which can also be punished with death for breaking them. A few days ago a man was killed for listening to foreign radio.

Kim Jong Un: eccentric order from North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un, wearing jeans, watching foreign films, then sentenced to death
Compare Jinping to Cruel Ruler
At the same time, Xi Jinping has also been compared to China’s first cruel ruler, Chin Shi Hwang. Hwang began building the Great Wall of China to protect his cities from enemies after connecting China culturally, economically, and politically through language, currency, and system. Now the way China looks at Ladakh, sometimes Sikkim in India, sometimes America in the South China Sea and sometimes Japan for Senkaku Island, it raises the question of whether Jinping is leading the country on the way. by Chin Hwang.

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