Viral video on Taliban brutality: viral video of Afghan comedian Nazar murdered by Taliban

The brutality of the Taliban in Afghanistan does not seem to end. A radical Islamist organization brutally killed famous Afghan comedian Nazar Mohammad Khasha and now a video taken before the incident surfaced in which Taliban fighters kill Nazar. According to reports, meanwhile, Nazar is also making the last joke of his life and giving the Taliban a response after death. The world is in shock after the video of the incident is released.

News of Nazar’s death had been circulating for several days, and the family blamed the Taliban for the murder. Now, in the video that has surfaced, it is shown that while sitting inside a car, Nazar was repeatedly slapped in the face. His hands were tied and several fighters surrounded him. According to reports, after that he was tied to a tree and then murdered by slitting his throat. It is not known when he was killed after being kidnapped.

According to local media, last Thursday Nazar was taken out of his house and then this cruelty was committed. He previously worked for the Kandahar Police Department.
According to the Washington Post, Nazar is not afraid of being trapped by Taliban fighters and makes the last joke of his life. He says his captors have a backstage mustache.

Since the incident, the whole world has been in shock at the inhumanity of the Taliban. Earlier, the Taliban were also accused of killing Indian journalist Danish Siddiqui. On the other hand, he denied both allegations and said the Danes were in the enemy camp and it is not known who shot them as the Afghan army alleges that the Taliban also vandalized the Danish body. .

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