Virgin Galactic Richard Branson revealed ambitious plans to build a hotel on the moon

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Billionaire businessman Richard Branson at age 70 sees new dream Virgin Galactic owner Richard Branson plans to build hotel near the moon
Billionaire businessman Richard Branson, who made history while traveling in space, dreams of a new dream at the age of 70. Richard Branson now intends to build a hotel near the moon. Billionaire astronaut Branson, who has mastered the promotion of space tourism, has said there are many amenities that his customers will enjoy when they travel to space in the times to come.

Richard Branson has promised that in the future, the cost of tickets charged by his company Virgin Galactic to go to space will also be significantly reduced. The cost of a ticket for the kind of trip Richard Branson just took is about $ 250,000. Not only that, Virgin’s intention is no longer limited to the limits of space. She now wants to build a spaceship that can fly at higher altitudes for longer.
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Space travel tickets will cost less
Branson said of his dream: “If we can one day build a hotel near the moon that I have always dreamed of or if we will let our children do it, we will have to see.” He said if I had I. of the time in my life, I would fulfill my dream of building this hotel someday. He expressed hope that his space trips will now increase space tourism.

The owner of Virgin expressed the hope that when more space planes and rockets become available, the cost of space travel tickets will also drop. Virgin CEO Michael Kollegier said that one day our company will operate 400 space flights every year. Richard had tweeted a photo taken from the plane on that trip. He wrote: “Welcome to the new dawn of the space age. Many billionaires around the world wanted to travel to space first, but Branson won it. Along with this, a new era of private space travel seems to be starting with space exploration. Especially when Jeff Bezos also goes to space travel a few days later.

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