Virgin Galactic Richard Branson: Space Flight Richard Branson: Richard Branson on a journey in space

Virgin Group owner Richard Branson, who is set to take the lead in the space race, admitted he was a little nervous before this historic flight. Interestingly, as the world watches the race to be the first to travel to space, Brenson says he spoke to Jeff Bezos before the flight. In fact, after a few days, Bezos will also take a trip to space. Brenson says the two have different ideas about aerospace travel.

No competition with Bezos
Branson told the BBC’s “The One Show” on Wednesday that the two men had traveled a difficult road to get here. He previously told NBC’s “TODAY” that there was no competition between him and Bezos. Brenson said he had kept himself from getting excited about this moment for 17 years, but now he’s completely excited when his chief engineer said everything was fine, that preparations to go to space on Sunday were completed.

The spacecraft will take off from New Mexico where all crew members will be company employees. Shirisha Bandla, 34, an aeronautical engineer to take part in the flight, will be the third woman of Indian origin to go into space.

Sirisha Bandla: Another girl from India on the way to Kalpana Chawla, Sirisha Bandla will go on a trip to space
Bezos will be leaving on July 20
At the same time, Bezos will go to space on July 20 from his company Blue Origin’s New Shepherd spacecraft. Bezos has chosen July 20 as the launch date from West Texas, which will mark the 52nd anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing on the moon. He had announced himself aboard the spacecraft just a month ago, the last leg of the year-long race between the two wealthy space businessmen to reach space.

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