Virtual annotations will arrive in PowerPoint Live in Teams

Microsoft announced a new feature in PowerPoint Live for Microsoft Teams very soon. This new way of looking at PowerPoint is amazing, but it lacked one main element, the ability to point to elements within the presentation itself. After everything they learned with Whiteboard and OneNote and other apps, integrating these drawing elements was easy.

Very soon we will be able to annotate in PowerPoint Live for teams

Thanks to this function, we have a virtual laser pointer where we can make annotations on the elements that we want to highlight. In this way, the public can even better assimilate each of the points that we want to convey by emphasizing them. As we can see from the image, these are the same drawing elements that we can find in OneNote or Whiteboard.

To avoid potential issues, only those in control of the presenter will be able to use this feature and make annotations. If not, imagine the problem that would arise in a classroom where students could make notes. These annotations will only be available during the Microsoft Teams meeting, but those who log in later will still see the annotations that have been made. In addition, no annotation will be saved in the PowerPoint file.

This feature will be available to Microsoft Teams users on desktop, web, and Mac, but will not be visible on mobile devices. This makes a lot of sense given the complexity of annotation on these devices beyond an iPad. The deployment of this feature is expected to be completed in early June.

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