Virtual reality helps train professionals in occupational safety

More and more sectors are finding in virtual reality a way to advance towards digitization; one of the great challenges facing businesses today. More than an option, it is an essential process in order to be able to respond to new market demands and survive in a dynamic environment characterized by ever-increasing competition.

In this sense, Ludus Global offers a series of virtual reality training sessions aimed at strengthening security in the business environment. It does this through various Occupational Risk Prevention (PRL) programs: fire extinguishing, detection of facility hazards, work at height, CPR, overhead cranes, proper use of PPE, prevention of electrical risks, etc.

The goal of all is that the workers learn to identify risky situations, know the protocol to be followed in each case and put into practice the knowledge acquired through very realistic situations.

More and more companies, prevention services and training centers are integrating these training courses to benefit from the advantages of VR: greater user involvement, practical and experiential training, high retention of knowledge, performance monitoring … A series of practical advantages that help to strengthen the impact of learning and increase safety in the work environment.

All this, in 100% safe spaces. This is one of the great advantages of virtual reality: being able to place workers in very realistic situations without having to expose them to real risks or to invest large sums of money to create these spaces. And how does he do it?

Advanced technology

Technology is the key element of the training process offered by Ludus Global. This platform offers companies, training centers and External Prevention Systems (SPA) all the technological resources necessary to recreate specific situations in any space: VR glasses with surround sound, motion sensors, high-performance computer, specific controls for each type of activity… And in addition to the hardware equipment, advanced functionalities can be added which allow the performance of each user to be monitored thanks to statistical programs.

This highly personalized system allows you to configure the training to create variable and random situations in each case, being able to benefit from the technology in an unlimited way and with different situations.

“As experts in virtual reality, we have experienced in recent years the expansion of training with immersive technology in different sectors,” said Mikel Cearsolo, CEO of Ludus Global. More and more companies are starting to integrate virtual reality into their environments to strengthen their employee health and safety training. ”

In fact, Spain is at the forefront of virtual and augmented reality in Europe, with an 86.6% increase in the number of companies that have incorporated this technology into their training courses over the past year, according to the latest report on Extended Reality in Spain., Directed by The App Date and Telefnica. And the trend should continue to increase.

A booming sector

In short, Virtual Reality is gaining ground in all trades, to the point of becoming one of the favorite tools of small and large companies wishing to improve the training of their employees.

Spain is, in itself, a global powerhouse when it comes to immersive technology, but Latin America is also seeing strong growth in VR use. Beyond the entertainment industry, the augmented reality market in Latin America has seen an average annual growth of 49.6%, according to Vinitha Prameela, B2B analyst at MarketsAndMarkets.

This increase in the use of VR in professional environments is a clear indicator of the democratization that the sector is experiencing, previously, strongly limited to very exclusive sectors. The process of expansion into other areas is given through the offer of training programs such as those offered by the Ludus platform. But what are the advantages of integrating virtual reality into the business?

Benefits of applying VR to safety training

Digitization, integration of advanced technologies, market differentiation, sense of cohesion, employee motivation, increased safety, improvement of the working environment … The advantages that this platform offers to small, large and medium-sized companies in industrial sectors are numerous., and also other regions.

Training centers, for their part, find in these training courses a value proposition that allows them to differentiate themselves from other centers, by being able to access the most demanding sectors and companies on the market. Something that translates into increased business opportunities.

Ultimately, each work environment must meet health and safety needs through the appropriate training of its employees. And for this, the Ludus Global platform offers a new practical and immersive learning system, capable of optimizing the user experience.

Continuous improvement

In order to avoid the repetition of exercises, Ludus Global is constantly enriching its training with new exercises, learning modules, physical sensory elements … Thus, companies registered on the platform can access various practical exercises, so that each session offers a new source of learning. .

Specific training in Confined Spaces has recently been integrated into the platform, which makes it possible to meet new security needs.

In addition, fire extinguisher training has been improved through the application of new types of extinguishers, in addition to the classic multi-purpose powder extinguisher: water, foam, spray with AFFF additives, carbon dioxide CO2 … In addition to a fire extinguisher for fuel metals.

And the different scenarios that can be recreated thanks to this training have also been extended, so that, from now on, users can put into practice the knowledge acquired in firefighting beyond industrial warehouses: offices, homes, etc. outdoor spaces …

The objective of Ludus Global is to continue to update its training courses so that users of the platform can face new and different situations and thus be able to evolve towards a more secure, competitive and innovative environment, hand in hand with Virtual Reality.

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