Virtual toast, a great alternative to Christmas dinners

The pandemic has changed the way people communicate. Such is the case that with the arrival of Christmas, companies are looking for a way to organize some kind of party with their employees. The solution? A virtual toast.

The initiative came from the Spanish platform Catevering. This company designed a first virtual toast package for business. The proposal is intended to be a link between the teams, whether they are working from home or not.

Different christmas

The service is already available in Spain and includes a bundle of Christmas products, chosen by the company itself. In it, sweets such as turrets, gingerbread cookies, mini panettones, polvorones stand out; gourmet products, such as Iberian ham, Manchego cheese, liver and a small bottle of cava, wine or champagne, to toast. The idea is that these boxes can be personalized to double as Christmas boxes. And, as the company itself points out, this year Christmas baskets will also have to reach workers’ homes.

The company has made a Christmas box personalization service available to businesses, which includes creating creative cards, building a corporate website for employees to choose the basket they want and where they can. provide the delivery address.

In addition to traditional products, local products are also offered to help local businesses overcome the crisis. In the same way, it is made available to companies to be able to buy organic products, alcohol-free boxes, vegan or gluten-free packages.

Catevering co-founder and CEO Laura Gmez explains that one of her goals has been to foster corporate culture and motivate workers during the pandemic. “This year, despite the circumstances, we want the teams to drink together, even through the screen, for a better 2021.”

The initiative enabled them to offer suppliers affected by the pandemic an opportunity to overcome the economic crisis and continue their activity.

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