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There are products and services that have been in Office for so long that we don’t know these services were acquired by Microsoft a long time ago. This is the case of Visio, acquired 21 years ago, a powerful editor of functional diagrams which is now landing on the web.

Visio moves to the Microsoft 365 cloud

The Office 365 suite of products and services, now Microsoft 365, began their migration to the cloud a long time ago. It was one of the last projects promoted by Steve Balmer before stepping down as CEO. Since then, the application stream to the cloud has been constant and now very few services have not taken the leap. One of them was Visio, which can now be used by business users as a lightweight cloud service.

The goal is that we can access Visio from anywhere and work with many of the tools available. In addition, being available online, Visio is now collaborative and we can work with other colleagues on the same scheme to achieve a much better and faster result.

This not only allows us to always have Visio diagrams at hand, but they can also be implemented in other applications such as Word, Excel or PowerPoint. This is how Visio helps us create and use diagrams. For now, all that remains is to see Access as a cloud service for the main Office 365. We will see if the Redmond giant is encouraged to implement Excel databases in the cloud.

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