Visit of Imran Khan to Sri Lanka: How dangerous is Sri Lanka-Pakistan, the visit of Imran Khan to Colombo? – Imran Khan Sri Lanka visits the latest news on February 22, Know Effect on India

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Imran Khan to pay two-day visit to Sri Lanka on February 22: Pakistan-Sri Lanka defense during Imran Khan’s visit
Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan will arrive in Colombo, the capital of Sri Lanka, for a two-day visit on February 22. It is said that during his visit, Imran Khan will also address the Parliament of Sri Lanka. Previously, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi also addressed the Parliament of Sri Lanka on March 13, 2015. Addressing another country’s Parliament to a foreign leader is regarded with respect. In such a situation, addressing a parliament of Sri Lankan politicians like Imran Khan is also a matter of curiosity among the population.

Defense deal can be reached in Sri Lanka and Pakistan
It is said that Imran Khan will meet Sri Lankan President Gotbaiah Rajapaksa and Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa. The Sri Lankan president also studied at military training institutes in Pakistan. Meanwhile, Sri Lanka and Pakistan can come to an agreement on trade, commerce, culture and defense issues.

Sri Lankan Muslim leaders unhappy with Imran Khan’s visit
Gadgad is the Muslim leader of Imran Khan’s tour of Sri Lanka. He hopes that in his speech to Parliament, Imran Khan will also speak about the situation of Sri Lankan Muslims. Explain that in Sri Lanka, there is an order to burn Muslim patients who died from Corona virus infection instead of burying them. Sri Lankan Muslim leaders have consistently opposed this government order.

Pakistani official confirmed Imran visit
According to the news, a senior Pakistani official confirmed the visit was taking place and the situation would be cleared up in the coming days. Several media reports from Sri Lanka and Pakistan gave information about Imran Khan’s visit to Colombo. However, no government has yet officially shared information.

Pakistan donated arms in fight against LTTE
As part of the fight against the terrorist organization LTTE, Pakistan has supplied numerous weapons to the Sri Lankan army. It is claimed that the Sri Lankan military was only able to wipe out the LTTE with high-tech military equipment and intelligence support from Pakistan and China. In fact, during this period the Sri Lankan military faced huge allegations of human rights violations, as a result of which many countries stopped the supply of arms to Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka hits India hard, quits Colombo port project
The danger will increase for India in the Indian Ocean
Imran Khan’s visit to Sri Lanka could increase the risk for India. If the two countries (Sri Lanka and Pakistan), which have failed economically, meet at the instigation of China, then the strategic situation in the Indian Ocean will change. India is trying to establish dominance in the region, while China and Pakistan are making plans against it. China is already present in Hambantota of Sri Lanka, in such a situation, if Pakistan comes here, the difficulties for India will increase. Sri Lanka pulled India out of the Colombo East Terminal project a few days ago.

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