Visit of the Nepalese Minister of Foreign Affairs to India: the Chinese “ Chanakya ” camps in Nepal; Nepalese Prime Minister’s warlord suddenly goes to India

In Nepal’s deepening political crisis, the fight now appears to be directly between China and India. While Communist Party Deputy Minister Guo Yezhu, called Chanakya of China, has been camping in Nepal for several days, Nepalese Prime Minister’s Special Envoy Pradeep Gowli will visit India. The Nepalese foreign minister has confirmed that he will visit India next month. In the midst of the latest political crisis in Nepal, Gowli’s visit to India is considered very important.

“I am going to New Delhi in January, but the date for this visit has not been fixed,” Gowli said in a conversation with the Nepalese newspaper Kathmandu Post. According to sources, the Nepalese foreign minister can visit India from January 13 to 14 or from January 14 to 15. Gowli will represent the sixth round of the Nepal-India Joint Commission. This is the most important mechanism to resolve bilateral issues between India and Nepal.
Political crisis in Nepal: KP Oli leaves China, Gwali’s visit to India is important after Minister of the Dragon pledges to help pro-Indian Nepalese Congress
It is believed that apart from this meeting, Gowli may hold a meeting with Indian leaders. However, this has not yet been confirmed. However, this visit is considered very important. Earlier, PM KP Oli of Nepal dissolved parliament on December 20. Elections are due to take place in the country on April 30 and May 10. In haste, China sent its Vice Minister Guo Yezhu and a huge Chinese contingent to Nepal.

The Chinese team is once again trying to unite all factions of the Nepalese Communist Party. Meanwhile, Gowli is now traveling to India, for which many political meanings are being extracted. Gowli will visit India after about a year. Earlier, after the publication of a new map by Nepal, relations between the two countries came to a head. However, after the visit of the head of the Indian intelligence agency RAW, the army chief of staff and the foreign minister in Nepal, India again became friends with the Oli government.
Nepal, which befriends China, remembers India again in times of crisis, know what Mamlanepali is Congress opposes Gowli’s visit to India
Buoyed by the visit of Indian officials, China immediately sent its defense minister to Nepal. Now, after the Chinese Vice Minister’s visit, Oli sends his very special acquaintances to India. On the other hand, the opposition Nepalese Congress party opposed Gowli’s visit to India. He said that when the elections are called, the interim government should not make any major decision. On the other hand, Gowli refused to believe that his government was an interim government.

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