Visit of Yair Lapid to the United Arab Emirates: the Israeli Embassy in the United Arab Emirates says Israel to the Gulf region We are here to stay: opening of the Israeli embassy in the Emirates

The Israeli Embassy in the United Arab Emirates was opened for the first time today. Israeli Foreign Minister Yair Lepid inaugurated the embassy office. This is the first time that an Israeli foreign minister has visited the United Arab Emirates. This is the first high-level visit by an Israeli official to the Arab country since relations between the two countries normalized last year.

Israeli Foreign Minister to meet with several UAE sheikhs
He is also expected to meet with several Emirati officials, including UAE Foreign Minister Abdullah bin Zayed Al Nahyan. He will also attend a trade show where Israeli companies showcase the technology. Israel’s Foreign Ministry described it as a historic visit to the Arab country. Press presence at the opening of the Embassy in Abu Dhabi was limited, and state media in the United Arab Emirates covered the event.

Israel-UAE signed deal under Trump administration
Israel and the United Arab Emirates established full diplomatic relations under the Trump administration with the United States last year, and the United Arab Emirates signed the “Abraham Accord” negotiated by the United States for this purpose. Bahrain has also joined with the United Arab Emirates in normalizing its relations with Israel. Previously, Jordan and Egypt had diplomatic relations with Israel.

Will relations also be normal in Saudi-Israeli?
It is hoped that soon other countries in the Middle East will be able to re-establish diplomatic relations with Israel. Saudi Arabia’s name tops the list. A few months ago, Saudi Arabia also made a condition for establishing relations with Israel at the public level. The Saudi administration had said that Israel would not establish diplomatic relations with the Palestinians until they signed an internationally recognized peace agreement with the Palestinians.

Saudi Arabia and Israel also strengthen ties
Bilateral relations between Israel and Saudi Arabia have improved in recent years. Saudi Arabia and Israel both oppose Iran’s manufacture of nuclear weapons. Apart from that, these two countries are also concerned about the expansion of Iran’s aspirations in Yemen, Syria, Iraq and Lebanon. Israel and Saudi Arabia are also taking a stand against Hezbollah. Saudi Arabia and Israel are said to work together on intelligence, technology and cybersecurity. At the same time, the head of the Israeli intelligence agency Mossad secretly met with his Saudi counterparts and other Saudi leaders.

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