visit to Nepal in China: India becomes Nepal’s “ battleground ” between China, Defense Minister will send Beijing

India sent its best diplomats to Nepal two days ago and now China’s defense minister is also preparing to die during his visit to Nepal. The Kathmandu Post report said that Nepal’s Foreign Ministry did not provide information on this, but the Prime Minister’s Office and Foreign Ministry officials said the State Councilor and China’s Defense Minister Wei Fenghe is due to visit Kathmandu at the end of November.

Three high-level visits were made one after another from India a month and a half before Wei’s arrival. The Kathmandu Post report claimed that after India’s Foreign Minister Harsh Shringla returned to New Delhi, China’s top cabinet minister Li Keqiang would arrive in Kathmandu. However, spokesman for Foreign Minister Seva Lamsal said: “There is no concrete information to share at the moment”.

Chinese Ambassador met
Significantly, these days the Communist Party of Nepal is in turmoil again. Party co-chair Pushp Kamal Dahal called for Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli to resign. After that, Chinese Ambassador Hou Yankee met with the Prime Minister and discussed the government bailout. Meanwhile, the visit of the Minister of Defense has been scheduled. Diplomats and experts believe the visits to India and China are evidence of continuing rivalry in Nepal.

China kept an eye
Security analyst and columnist Giza Sharma Waghale said China was closely monitoring Nepal. Especially given the border dispute with India. Waghale says the Chinese are activated by political and diplomatic military positions. The visit to China after the visit of the Indian Minister of Foreign Affairs also has diplomatic and military significance.

Wanted 10 days
The long-awaited important meeting of the Party’s Central Secretariat took place on Wednesday but the impasse could not be resolved. In response to allegations by Pushp Kamal Dahal “Prachanda” of leading the government without consulting the party, Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli demanded 10 days of time to present a separate political document.

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