VisualTime by Robotics facial recognition system and employee portal solve on-site check-in and telecommuting issues

VisualTime by Robotics facial recognition system and employee portal solve on-site check-in and telecommuting issues

It is a fact that the situation caused by COVID-19 has contributed to the fact that telecommuting and contactless registration systems have been firmly and permanently installed in our working reality. Liquats Vegetals, the first company in Spain dedicated to the production and distribution of 100% vegetable drinks, is committing to this paradigm shift and taking the train of intelligent work, hand in hand with VisualTime by Robotics.

Liquats, the company that produces the vegetable drinks YOSOY, YOSOY ecolgico, Monsoy and Almendrola, is thus committed to taking care of its employees and fulfills one of its main premises: to focus on the well-being of people.

Facial recognition, as a solution to transfer problems

Liquats Vegetals achieves this improvement by meeting the needs of the team. For this reason, they turned to Robotics and its VisualTime system when they spotted the issue with fingerprint signing. According to Aida Serra, labor relations technician at Liquats Vegetals, “the fingerprint generated recognition problems for us due to the work of some of our employees, even before the pandemic. There were recognition errors and the data was not recorded well, causing errors between workers’ signatures. Thanks to Robotics and VisualTime we were able to resolve this conflict, which for us was essential ”.

The Robotics facial recognition device offers rapid recognition of workers, even with a mask, on terminals compatible with controlled temperature. “The system has the latest biometric technologies and a state-of-the-art recognition algorithm that allows us to almost completely rule out possible counterfeits. He rejects photographs, videos or any other digital or analog instrument which tries to replace the face ”. Ensures Josep Solano, director of robotic security. In addition, “the management of the data collected complies with all data protection regulations and meets the highest information security standards”.

Smart work is here to stay

Liquats Vegetals’ already strict health and safety measures have been added to those caused by COVID-19. In order to meet the new needs of the company and to adapt to the situation generated by the pandemic, Liquats Vegetals has structured, in collaboration with Robotics, a series of changes to facilitate the team’s remote work. According to Aida Serra, of Liquats Vegetals “This was achieved thanks to the time management system via the employee portal VisualTime (via the web), which allows us to control the schedule, to know in a simple way the bags of hours of our employees “.

The union of nature, ecology and innovation

Liquats Vegetals is located in the Montseny Natural Park, a privileged environment due to the quality of the water, a fundamental ingredient in the production of its vegetable drinks. To do this, they are developing their own technology to extract the best from the ingredients and be able to offer the best products. At Liquats Vegetals, it is very clear that their entire production and development could not be achieved without a firm commitment to technological implementation.

“Technology and innovation are fundamental in any business. We bet on Robotics’ VisualTime because it is an intuitive and easy to navigate program, in addition to being functional, as it allows us to extract reports and reports from different areas to have the necessary data and make the appropriate decisions. Said the company relations technician works.

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