VIU strengthens its training offer with nine titles focused on the new needs of the labor market and society

VIU strengthens its training offer with nine titles focused on the new needs of the labor market and society

The International University of Valencia-VIU, presented its innovations in training for the academic year 2020/2021, among which stands out the incorporation of nine degrees in its different areas of knowledge, which are among the nearly 80 diplomas available at the University.

In recent months, and after the containment measures, the demand for online training has increased significantly. Likewise, interest in training related to the health and social health sector has increased. In order to meet this need, the VIU Health Sciences space has integrated several diplomas aimed at “offering specialized training, based on advances in the sector, and on the immediate practical application of its knowledge”, as stated by underlined the director of the zone, Ana Pelln, who also recalled that “the pandemic has clearly shown that social health professionals are essential in an increasingly globalized, complex and technologically demanding world”.

In this field, innovation comes from the hand of the University Master in Health Management and Clinical Management. A diploma that has the collaboration of the Spanish Private Employer of Health (ASPE), focused on facing current challenges, present in public and private health environments, whose approach aims to train students in management and planning of centers, as well as health units, in favor of a more sustainable and efficient health system.

Another of the needs of the sector is the incorporation of experts in bioinformatics, able to interpret the functioning of biological phenomena to provide new opportunities in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases. With this goal in mind, the University Master in Bioinformatics will begin next year.

In addition to these titles, the training offer for university degrees is supplemented by the diploma in speech therapy and a university master’s degree focused on the psychological intervention of children and adolescents, being a title in which to train in infant and adolescent therapeutic practice. , delve into the most common disorders in this population. Likewise, innovations in this field lead to the title of university expert in nutritional education, with which the student acquires the basic knowledge in nutrition and health, as well as the techniques and tools of nutritional education to be able to conduct effective health education and communication interventions. and emotional well-being.

Master of Science in Editorial Translation with Grupo Planeta

In the field of arts and humanities, the novelty for next year will be the University Master in Editorial Translation with Grupo Planeta. A degree that delves into the translation of literary works and other broad-spectrum publishing genres, providing the student with a key education in a field that occupies a highly relevant place in the field of translation.

In the technological context, we are immersed in a digital revolution that has made technology an indispensable part of our lives. This has led to a growing demand for skills in this field, and in particular, the web developer profile has become one of the most sought after professional skills. In response to this case, in the field of science and technology, the title of Master in Application and Web Services Development was designed, which is complemented by the title of Academic Expert in Python Programming for Science. data and the web.

On the other hand, in the field of business, VIU is launching the University Master in People Management and Human Resources Management. “A title that seeks to impact the transformation and competitiveness of organizations and for which we have an educational team made up of professionals from large companies such as Vodafone Espaa, Atresmedia, Randstad Technologies, Lukkap Employee Experience & Development, or Intercoop”, a- he underlined Gloria Moya, director of the business sector of this institution.

The International University of Valencia – VIU is one of the online universities with the most international projection and growth. Each year incorporates innovative and specialized programs strongly focused on the real needs of society and the public and private labor market. In this sense, the fact that a large part of VIU teachers are active and combine academic and professional activity provides a realistic and current view of what businesses, society and students need at all times.

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