Vivek Murthy Joe Biden Cabinet: Videk Murthy and Arun Majumdar of Indian descent can join Joe Biden law firm in us

Two prominent Indo-Americans, including former US surgeon general Vivek Murthy, could be inducted into the cabinet of the next Biden-Harris administration. This information was given in the media report. The Washington Post and Politico said on Tuesday that Murti, the main Indo-American adviser to President Joe Biden, could be appointed Minister of Health and Human Services to deal with Kovid-19.

On the other hand, Professor Arun Mazumdar of Stanford University can be appointed Minister of Energy. Murthy (43) is co-chair of the Kovid-19 Advisory Council on Transfer of Power. He has been a close associate of Biden regarding the Corona virus cases. Likewise, Majumdar, the first director of the Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy, has been Biden’s main adviser on energy-related issues, according to reports.

Besides Majumdar, former Energy Minister Ernest Moniz, Stanford University researcher Dan Reicher and former Deputy Energy Minister Elizabeth Sherwood Randall are also running for the post of Energy Minister. Besides Murthy, North Carolina Minister of Health and Human Services Mandy Cohen and New Mexico Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham are also running for the post of Minister of Health and Human Services.

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