vivek murthy sworn in as US surgeon general: American Indian physician vivek murthy sworn in as US surgeon general in the biden administration

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Indian-born physician Vivek Murthy became the Surgeon General of the United States. Hector Dr. Vivek Murthy was sworn in Thursday in the Biden administration. Family members were seen in traditional Indian costumes on the occasion of Washington.
Indian-born physician Vivek Murthy became America’s Surgeon General. Dr Murthy was sworn in on Thursday. On this occasion, members of the family of Doctor Murthy were seen in traditional Indian sari costume. After the oath, Dr Murthy thanked his family. Dr Murthy said he will work with all his might to end the corona virus outbreak and work to build a world where good health is available to all.

Previously, the Senate had approved the appointment of Indo-American physician Vivek Murthy as surgeon general to US President Joe Biden. Murthy’s top priority will be dealing with the Corona virus outbreak that has severely affected the country. Dr Murthy (43) will assume the post of Surgeon General of America for the second time. In 2011, President Barack Obama included him in an advisory group on disease prevention and public health.

Murthy’s nomination approved by 57 votes to 43 votes
Murthy said Tuesday: “I am very grateful to have the consent of the Senate to sit again as Surgeon General.” Over the past year, we have faced great challenges as a nation, and I look forward to working with you to help us overcome our nation’s challenges and create a better future for our children.

The Senate approved Murthy’s nomination by 57 votes to 43 votes. Obama appointed Dr. Murthy to the post of general surgeon in 2013. He was the youngest general surgeon to hold that position at the age of 37. However, he had to quit abruptly under the Trump administration. Dr Murthy, as America’s Surgeon General, will advise President Biden on the Corona virus outbreak and be the federal government’s top public health official. Seven senators from the opposition Republican Party voted in favor of Dr. Murthy.

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