Vladimir Putin 2036: Russian President Vladimir Putin could run for two more terms: twice and Vladimir Putin could fight for the elections

Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a bill intended to occupy the presidency until 2036. With this, his path to remaining in the post of life was opened. Putin’s term was supposed to last until 2024, but last year Russia’s constitution was changed with public support. Now it has become law with the signing of the bill. Now, if Putin challenges again and wins, he can stay in office until 2036.

The 2000-2036 path
Putin first won the presidential election in 2000 when Boris Yeltsin resigned. He then won again in 2004 and became Prime Minister in 2008 when Dmitry Medvedev was president. In 2012, Putin returned to the presidency for 6 years and became Medvedev PM. He returned for a fourth term in 2018 but it was difficult to return in 2024 without a constitutional amendment.

Accused of voting for an amendment
Last year, MPs ruled that Putin’s personal mandate would be considered void. The proposal was put forward for the referendum with several populist economic changes. In this vote, Putin won with 78% of the vote. However, there were allegations that the rules were broken in these elections, people repeatedly voted, owners forced their employees to vote. Opponents of the Kremlin have also called it the Putin plot.

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