Vladimir Putin in preparation for World War III? Russia bunkered the destruction of the world

Russia, the world’s largest nuclear power, has stepped up preparations for World War III. Russian President Vladimir Putin has built a nuclear command post equipped with cutting-edge security measures to control the country’s 6,375 nuclear bombs. This Russian nuclear command post established between the mountains will also withstand the atomic bomb attack during WWIII and continue to function. Putin said this nuclear command post is almost ready. He said Russia would be able to control its nuclear bomb even in the event of a nuclear attack through this command center. Let us know what is the specialty of this command center …

Russia has more nuclear weapons than America

The Russian president has told his defense chiefs to constantly improve their control system, no matter how much they improve today. Russia is the world’s greatest nuclear power. Russia has 6,375 nuclear bombs while the United States has 5,800 nuclear bombs. Putin is believed to have called for a new security equation amid fears of a new arms race with the United States. Putin recently said in a meeting with defense chiefs that the nuclear triad will always remain the most important and most important guarantee of Russia’s military security.

Russia can drop an atomic bomb from water, land and sky

Russia has the capacity to destroy the entire Earth at once with its destructive nuclear bombs. Russia has the capacity to drop atomic bombs using surface-to-surface missiles, fired from nuclear submarines and bomber planes. The recent report, amid Russia’s continuing tensions with Western countries, said that now the Russian military has become the strongest for the first time since the collapse of the Soviet Union. In the days of the Soviet Union, once the number of atomic bombs in Russia reached 40 thousand. However, Russia reduced the number of its nuclear weapons after the treaty with the United States.

America withdraws from treaty, Russia continues to be deadly weapon

With the United States’ withdrawal from the Cold War treaty, Russia has now started to build surface-to-surface missiles. Until now, this killer missile could only be fired from warships and submarines. Previously, due to the INF Treaty, the United States and Russia were prohibited from manufacturing such short and medium range missiles. Not only that, Putin allowed the Russian Navy to build underwater drones or torpedoes. This torpedo also has the ability to perform nuclear atomization. It can be pulled by submarine.

Russian nuclear bunker already on Urals hill

Putin asserted that the United States regards Russia as its main military enemy and plans to carry out a nuclear attack in response to its conventional attack. He also said that the arms control system was weakening. Russia built this underground bunker to deal with this news from America. He said all communication equipment and systems should be as simple and reliable as an AK-47 rifle. Putin believes that a nuclear attack on the country will result in a counter-nuclear attack with the help of this bunker. Russia already has two nuclear command centers. One of them is in the northern Ural mountains and the other is in the southern Ural mountains in Yamatau.

America created a lot for the destruction of the Russian bunker

The United States is making B61-11 nuclear bunker bombs to destroy these bunkers built under the roller coaster. These atoms will be ready next year. Not only that, like Russia, the United States built a bunker in the US Air Force’s Cheyenne Mountain complex. This Russian nuclear command bunker is above America’s most targeted. Russian bunkers are designed to stay in contact even in the event of a nuclear attack. The bunker in the northern Ural hills is said to have been built under granite rock 1000 feet thick. Russia’s second nuclear bunker is on Mount Yamantau, built under a rock 3,000 feet thick. It’s pretty huge.

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