Vladimir Putin on the tension between India and China: Vladimir Putin on the tension between India and China and the United States

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Modi-Jinping is able to solve the problems between India and China: Vladimir Putin mocks America without naming it, “no need for intervention of another power” not included in the quad, it does is not Moscow’s job to evaluate for someone else Energy with India Strong ties in addition to technology, economy, arms St. Petersburg
Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Saturday that Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Chinese President Xi Jinping were “responsible leaders” capable of resolving issues between the two countries. Without naming the United States, he lambasted the United States, saying it was important that “no powers outside the region” interfere in the process.

As Russia publicly criticizes the Quad nation’s four-nation grouping (India, US, Japan and Australia), Putin asked how a nation should be involved in an initiative and to what extent it should link with others. country. work to assess this, but no partnership should aim to unite against another.

Putin’s remarks came against the backdrop of China’s claim that the grouping of nations was responsible for Beijing’s influence in the strategic Indo-Pacific region, in response to a question on public opinion of Moscow on India’s accession to the Quad and the consortium designed to control.

problems between neighboring countries
He stressed that there was no “contradiction” in Russia’s partnership with India and in relations between Moscow and Beijing. Putin said, “Yes, I know there are problems with India-China relations, but there are still a lot of problems between neighboring countries. However, I am aware of the position of the Prime Minister of India and the President of China. They are very responsible people and treat each other with determination and respect. I am sure that for any problem that arises, they will find a solution.

“But it is important that no power outside the region interferes in this,” he said.

Trust is the basis of relations with India
On May 5 last year, there was a standoff between the armies of India and China in eastern Ladakh. It was the first time in 45 years that soldiers on both sides had been killed during the clash. However, limited progress has been made on troop withdrawal from the Lake Pangong area and talks to take similar action at other points of the confrontation remain at a standstill.

Responding to a question about the growing proximity between Russia and China and its impact on India-Russia security and defense cooperation, Putin said India-Russia relations are developing. very quickly and successfully and that these relations have a significant impact on the safety and security of India. defense cooperation. The basis is “confidence”.

“We deeply appreciate this high level of cooperation with our Indian friends,” he said. These relationships are strategic in nature. We have a wide cooperation in many fields, from economy to energy, including high technology. As far as the defense sector is concerned, I’m not just talking about the purchase of Russian weapons … We have a very deep and strong relationship with India, which is based on trust.

“Working together on arms in India”
Putin stressed that India and Russia are working together to produce advanced weapons systems and technologies, especially in India, and India is Russia’s only partner in this regard. But our cooperation is not limited to that, but it is multifaceted, he said.

In a conversation with some of the editors of some of the world’s major international news agencies, including the United States, India, the United Kingdom, Germany and France, the Russian president responded to questions on various topics including Russian-US relations, pandemic situation, US sanctions against Russia and topics. like Gaza.

‘Do not join the quad’
Asked about Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov’s criticisms of Quod as “Asian NATO” and his opinion on India’s participation in the grouping, Putin said: “We are not joining either Quod or no other country ”. nation is involved in one of the initiatives, each sovereign nation has the right to decide with whom and to what extent it wishes to strengthen its relations. All I believe is that the goal of any partnership between countries should not be mobilization against another nation, not at all. ‘

Ahead of his first proposed summit with US President Joe Biden on June 16, the former Russian president said he did not expect any major breakthroughs.

“We are not taking the first step. I’m talking about the stages that ruined our relationship. We did not impose sanctions on America, America has done so at every opportunity and that too without any foundation.

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Putin on the Indo-Chinese tension

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