Vladimir Putin Parkinson: Russia: ‘Vladimir Putin, who suffers from a serious illness, may resign at the request of his girlfriend’ – Vladimir Putin to leave his post as Russian president amid fears he suffers from the disease Parkinson’s

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President Vladimir Putin could resign from his post early next year. His girlfriend Alina Kabayeva and her daughters are called upon to resign from Putin. Russian President Vladimir Putin suffers from Parkinson’s disease.
President Vladimir Putin, who has “ruled” Russia for the past 20 years, is expected to resign from his post early next year. Sources have claimed that his girlfriend, gymnast Alina Kabiva, and his two daughters have been called on to resign from Putin. It is claimed that Putin is fighting Parkinson’s disease. Speculation about Putin’s disease has intensified after the recent photographs.

Moscow political scientist Valeri Solovey told British newspaper The Sun that the Russian president’s girlfriend and his two daughters were pushing for Putin to resign. He said: “Putin has a family and has a deep influence on the Russian president. Putin could hand over power to someone else in January. He said the president was probably battling Parkinson’s disease and recent photos showed signs of his illness.

Putin gets lifetime exemption from criminal prosecution
Recently, Putin has been seen constantly moving his leg from here to there and according to experts at The Sun, the Russian president was in pain. Meanwhile, Putin took one in hand and experts say it contained drugs. Speculation over Putin’s resignation has intensified as Russian lawmakers contemplate a bill under which criminal action would give them a lifetime exemption.

This new bill was introduced by Putin himself and according to that, it will be free from legal action until Putin is alive and it will continue to get all the facilities of the state. According to the official Russian channel RT, this bill is a sign of a transfer of power in Russia. This isn’t the first time people have thought that Putin has Parkinson’s disease. Solowai said that a new PM will be created soon and will be formed under Putin’s protection.

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