vladimir putin russia herd immunity: herd immunity will arrive in russia by the end of summer: vladimir putin – herd immunity will come to russia by the end of summer says vladimir putin

Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Sunday that collective immunity would be granted to the Kovid-19s in the country by the end of the summer. Putin quoted the Xinhua News Agency as saying: “If the vaccination campaign continues at the current rate in Russia, by the end of the summer about 70 percent of Russian adults will be vaccinated, then herd immunity will come.”

Putin said earlier this week that 6.3 million people in Russia received the first dose of the national vaccine and 43 million received both doses. Putin took his first dose of the household vaccine on Tuesday, although no photographs of the vaccination have been released. He said all three home vaccines – such as Sputnik 5, Epivaccorona and Kovivac, are “effective, reliable and safe” and that no serious side effects have been reported.

Let me tell you that when the corona virus vaccination campaign began, it was believed that herd immunity would soon be achieved. However, when the vaccine arrived, a large number of people were not convinced. The virus has also started to scare people, and the vaccine for children has not yet arrived. In such a situation, it is now difficult to obtain collective immunity. The threat is believed to continue for months, if not years, and will face an increasing number of cases. It can also happen that this virus becomes an illness like the flu. A report on this subject was published in the journal “Nature”.

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