Vladimir Putin Secret Love Child: DJ at the birthday of Vladimir Putin’s “ secret daughter ”

Luiz Rojova, the secret daughter of Russian President Vladimir Putin, appeared at a nightclub in Moscow on her 18th birthday. It is said that only a few guests were allowed to frequent this nightclub that night, including classmates and friends of Putin’s daughter. Luiza, known as Poutine’s Love Child, was brought to this nightclub by a government car under strict security. Here, Putin’s daughter really enjoyed her birthday with her friends by becoming a DJ. Meanwhile, Luiza wore a baseball cap.

Security personnel posted in civilian clothes around the nightclub

According to local media reports, security personnel from the Russian Interior Ministry were stationed in civilian clothes around the nightclub. The media were absolutely forbidden to leave. Luiza arrived at this nightclub in question at the official BMW in the very last moments. The owner of this nightclub didn’t even know he had a daughter from the most powerful man in the land. He was told that a lot of respected celebrities come to perform at this club. Luiza organized a late night party at this club and returned in a government car.

Luita is the daughter of Svetlana Krivonogikh and Putin

Luiza Rojova is also known as Elisavetta Krivonogikh. However, the Russian president has never accepted that he has a daughter from his girlfriend. Four months before today there was also a lot of news about this girl in the Russian media. Putin is said to have had a close relationship with Svetlana Krivonogikh, a 45-year-old woman. Where Luiza Rojova was born. Visual computer expert Hassan Ugel of the University of Bradford has claimed that Luiza’s face resembles that of Russian President Vladimir Putin. However, Luiza has already dismissed this claim. He then said that there are a lot of people in the world whose faces look like Putin.

Putin’s personal life is full of secrets

The personal life of Russian President Putin is full of secrets. In such a situation, very little information about his family is known to the peoples of the world. The Russian government itself has made efforts to withhold information relating to Putin’s life. He never publicly allowed his family members to come.

Putin has two daughters with his first wife

According to Russian reports, Putin first married Lyudmila Shkarebeneva about 35 years ago. She worked as a flight attendant in a Russian airline. Putin had two daughters by his first wife, named Maria and Katrina. It is also said that his alleged girlfriend also gave birth to a daughter in 2015.

The first daughter was born in Russia, and the second was born in Germany.

Maria was born in Leningrad in 1985, while Katrina was born in 1986 in Germany. At the time of Katrina’s birth, Putin was working for the Russian intelligence agency KGB. His assignment was then in Germany. Both daughters were reportedly baptized by Putin’s mother.

Putin calls his daughters on behalf of Masha and Katya

Putin calls his eldest daughter Masha while the younger daughter is called Katya. Putin emigrated from Germany to Russia in 1996 with his family. Since becoming president, her daughters have been educated at home. It is said that media coverage of the daughters of the Russian president is also banned in Russia.

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