Vladimir Putin: Vladimir Putin will receive the Russian vaccine against Covid-19 on Tuesday: Vladimir Putin will have the Russian vaccine Kovid-19 vaccinated on Tuesday

President Vladimir Putin will receive the Corona virus vaccine on Tuesday amid growing corona virus cases in Russia. However, it is not yet clear whether Putin will receive the Sputnik-V vaccine or any other vaccine. Let us know that Russia has approved three Corona virus vaccines so far. All three vaccines are made in Russia itself.

In August of last year, Russia approved the vaccine
Vaccination against the Corona virus was introduced in Russia in August last year. Then Russian President Putin himself claimed to the media that the Sputnik V vaccine made in his country was the first Kovid-19 vaccine in the world. He also bonded in praise for the good effects of the vaccine. Putin claimed that one of his daughters received the dose of this vaccine.

Putin is surrounded by the slow pace of vaccination
Vladimir Putin has been criticized for the slow pace of vaccination against Kovid-19 in Russia. His opponents argue that Putin himself did not receive the vaccine, so people are afraid to accept it. It is believed that Putin will try to send a message to his opponents and critics by putting out the vaccine on Tuesday.

So far, only 4.3% of the Russian public has received the vaccine
Russia has 146 million inhabitants and only 4.3% of them have received a dose. It lags behind many other countries in terms of vaccination rates. Putin said in a meeting with government officials on Monday that he would get the vaccine tomorrow. He did not specify which vaccines would be included in the three vaccines approved for use in Russia, however.

According to the Russian president, 63 million people in Russia have already taken at least one dose and more than 43 people have taken both doses. Putin said that today we can confidently say that Russian vaccines are absolutely reliable and safe. It is the success of our scientists and experts.

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