Vladimir Putin vs Joe Biden: big statement from Vladimir Putin, who does not consider Biden as US president

Russian President Vladimir Putin has said he is still not ready to accept Joe Biden as President of the United States after the election. However, Putin has also said he is ready to work with the US president. Putin said in a statement on the official Russian television channel that we are ready to work with anyone who trusts the American people.

Vladimir Putin said that the American people will be given the same candidate whose victory is recognized by the opposition party or legally declared. Previously, questions arose as to why Putin has yet to congratulate Biden. Now, Putin himself has made it clear why he doesn’t congratulate Biden on the victory.

U.S. intelligence agencies claim that Russia helped Trump win the 2016 election. As a result of the allegation, Russia is now concerned that Biden will become more restrictive if he becomes president and that the issue of human rights man can get worse. Putin said Russia’s congratulations to Biden were just a “ formality ” and had no ulterior motives.

Putin said that when asked if not praising could ruin U.S.-Russian relations, Putin said what was left to deteriorate now. This relationship is already in the abyss. Let’s say Biden described Russia as the greatest threat to American security. Not only that, Biden accused Donald Trump of not being able to face Russia. He also said Trump was Russia’s “Pappy”. Biden had said: “I have faced Putin directly and made it clear that we will not tolerate anything.” He (Trump) is Putin’s puppy. At the same time, Russia also reacted strongly and said it was an attempt to inspire hatred against it.

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