Vladimir Putin warns the Federal Security Service against foreign efforts to destabilize and hamper Russia: Vladimir Putin alerts officials of the Russian intelligence agency FSB

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Putin alerts Russian intelligence agency FSB to protests in the country The President of the Republic of Kirussia said: Foreign forces are trying to destabilize our country.
Russian President Vladimir Putin has ordered the country’s main intelligence agency to step up action to deal with attempts to destabilize Russia. Putin described them as Western efforts. In a meeting of senior Federal Security Service (FSB) officials on Wednesday, Putin referred to Russia’s control strategy.

Foreign powers want to sow unrest in Russia
Putin said that many foreign forces have participated in efforts to derail our development path, slow it down, create problems at our borders, incite internal instability and undermine the values ​​that unite Russian society. . The Russian president said his motivation for the activities of foreign forces was to weaken Russia and keep it under external control. Although he did not openly mention who these foreign forces are.

Russia caught 72 foreign intelligence officers
The Russian president also praised the agency’s efforts to disrupt the activities of foreign spies. In the past, the Russian intelligence agency has detected 72 foreign intelligence agents and their 423 informants. As a result, a large number of intelligence agents engaged in espionage in Russia were arrested. According to sources, most of the captured spies are linked to the United States and European countries.

Called on to redouble efforts to fight terrorism
He ordered the FSB to step up the protection of the country’s latest military technology, saying you all know we have a lot to protect. He also ordered the FSB to step up its counterterrorism efforts. The United States and its NATO allies have rejected many claims made by the Kremlin in the past that it wants to weaken Russia.

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