Vladimir Putin: Why Putin got angry at World Economic Forum meeting, warned to be ready to fight – Vladimir Putin warns of threat of global development collapse

Russian President Vladimir Putin warned on Wednesday that regional clashes were on the rise and international security was affected. This increases the risk of global development collapse and everyone is ready to fight. Putin used sharp words in his special address at the World Economic Forum (WEF) week-long Digital Summit in Davos, and noted the similarities between current challenges and the early 1930s against the backdrop of growing social divisions. and common challenges. Take a warning.

“This gave rise to left and right populism and increased extremist activity,” Putin said, referring to the nuclear weapons deal, but that it was a “good step, but the clashes are increasing “. And the situation can get out of hand unexpectedly if we sit hand in hand and do nothing.

Russian GDP (GDP) is expected to grow by 3% this year after declining in 2020. The main reason for the decline in GDP over the past year is the restrictions related to the epidemic and the disruption of the based economy. on commodities. Putin said international institutions were weakening, regional conflicts were on the rise, and the global security system was affected. Global development is in danger of collapsing and everyone is in danger of being ready to fight.

Putin, referring to IMF estimates, said the total debt level of the public and private sectors is close to 200% of global GDP while in some economies it is 300%. He said the growing gap between real and virtual economies exposes real danger. Putin said technological development has been significantly accelerated by the Corona virus outbreak, but the process is also bringing new structural changes to the labor market.

He said: “Therefore, without the skilled efforts of countries, there is a risk of losing jobs for many people and this often affects the middle class, which is an important part of any modern society.” He said growing economic problems and inequalities divide society and promote social and racial intolerance.

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