Vladimir Putin’s cancer: Russia: Cancer-stricken Vladimir Putin could resign, presidential critic says – Vladimir Putin suffers from cancer to step down from main source of postal allegations

Russian President Vladimir Putin became eligible for the post until 2036 through a constitutional amendment. However, a political analyst made a shocking statement about his future. He says Putin will step down as president early next year and the reason is his health. Putin’s critic Vareli Solovey claimed the president was suffering from cancer.

Valary has previously claimed that Putin has Parkinson’s disease. He has now claimed, citing sources, that Putin’s health is poor. He told The Sun on Friday that Putin was battling two illnesses. He has psycho-neurological disorders and also has cancer.

Putin’s disease claim
Valarie said if someone wants accurate information, they are not a doctor and they do not have the right to ethically report it. Valary also claimed that Putin had surgery in February this year. He was arrested in September while demonstrating to protest the arrest of opposition party member Sergei Furgal.

So who will be the president
Valry also discusses who the candidate will be to take charge in the event of Putin’s removal from office. Putin’s daughter Katrina is also included in this list. She is currently leading the Artificial Intelligence program. Previously, she was in the spotlight when Putin claimed to have tried the country’s corona virus vaccine, Sputnik V, on them.

Besides Putin, Dmitry Medvedev, who resigned as prime minister this year, and the country’s agriculture minister, Dmitry Patrushev, are also claimed as candidates. Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov has dismissed speculations about Putin’s illness or resignation.

Putin’s declaration of protection
At the same time, the bill was backed this week by Russia’s parliamentary lower house, the Duma, in which Putin and his family were protected from criminal prosecution even though he was not president. Putin’s critics have questioned why he needed such a law. Significantly, the Kremlin is accused of poisoning the novichok to critic Alexei Navalny. Alexei was cured after treatment in Germany.
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