Vladimir Putin’s epiphany: Russian President Vladimir Putin took off his clothes, bathing in ice-cold water to wash away “ sin ” – Vladimir Putin dives in freezing water at -17 ° C to mark the epiphany of Russia

Russian President Vladimir Putin took a bath under freezing water at minus 17 degrees Celsius, dismissing all health rumors. Through this bath, Putin followed the ritual of a pious Christian. This day is called Epiphany. The 68-year-old Russian president looked completely fit and healthy. Putin participated in this religious ceremony which is held every year in which millions of people from Russia participate. This holiday is celebrated in extreme cold. Let’s know the whole problem …

Putin dives in ice water in memory of Jesus Christ

Every year in Russia on Epiphany Day, pious Christians bathe in the river and the lake to remember the Lord Jesus Christ. On the occasion of Epiphany, people traditionally go to the nearby river or pond and take a dip in the ice water. It is said that on that day Jesus Christ took a dip in the Jordan. It is believed in Russia that at midnight of Epiphany all water becomes holy, which cleanses all kinds of sins from man. In the cold of this sorrow, the Russian Orthodox Church organized a bath in ice water to accomplish virtue. In Russia, this tradition has existed since the 16th century. The Russian president’s spokesman said: “It is tradition. He does not betray traditions.

Putin has dismissed ongoing rumors about his health

The Russian president’s office released the photos at a time when rumors about Putin’s health were circulating around the world. Many claimed that by the end of this year the Russian president would resign from his post and appoint one of his successors. It is claimed that Putin is fighting Parkinson’s disease. Moscow political scientist Valeri Solovey told British newspaper The Sun that the Russian president’s girlfriend and his two daughters were pushing for Putin to resign. He said: “Putin has a family and has a deep influence on the Russian president. Putin could hand over power to someone else in January. He said the president was probably battling Parkinson’s disease and recent photos showed signs of his illness. These rumors were dismissed by the office of the Russian president.

Putin gave a message while wearing blue pants in icy water

Analysts say that by wearing swim pants, the Russian president very cleverly tried to get the message out to the world. One analyst said that the color of Putin’s pants is blue, which is also the color of his political opponent, Alex Navalny. Navalny is suspected of poisoning Novichok and the Russian intelligence squad is believed to be behind. Nowleni, who has returned from his treatment, is currently in Russian custody and the United States, Britain and France and the European Union have requested his release. However, this request does not appear to have an effect on Russia.

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