Vladimir Putin’s Girlfriend: Vladimir Putin’s gymnast girlfriends earn ₹ 75 crore every year, tax record leaked – Russian President Vladimir Putin’s ex-gymnast girlfriend earns over Rs 74 crore

Vladimir Putin’s alleged girlfriends earn 7.5 million pounds (about Rs 75 crore) every year. She is the patron of a media company supporting the Kremlin. Information on Putin is not public, but it was revealed in recently disclosed tax files. Alina Kabaeva is paid by Yuri Kovalchuk, a billionaire close to Putin. Alina, a gymnast by profession, met Putin in 2001. She was 18 at the time and the Kremlin continues to deny the relationship between the two. Last month, a friend claimed that Alina lost touch with all of her friends after giving birth to twins.

Income is revealed for the first time

Alina, who won the Olympic gold medal in 2004, then disappeared. However, according to The Insider, she earns dozens of times as much today. According to Anti-Corruption Publication, “The National Media Group does not publish annual director reports. The company never answered questions from the media about it and did not know of Alaina’s income.

Actions in several companies

According to the database of the Federal Tax Service, his official income is 78.54 crore rubles. Several National Media Group outlets have stocks that have received government grants. The report says his salary revolves around former German Chancellor Gerard Schröder, who is £ 4.5million as chairman of Russian energy company Rosneft.

Questions are being asked

The report called for the gymnast who worked with Ball and Hoop to become the leader of Russia’s largest media group? How is Alina paid such a price to the company of the former partner of the company? What is the connection between Alina and Putin? People close to gymnasts always get something from successful people. The average annual income in the country is £ 5,867.

“ No permission to interfere in privacy ”

The Kremlin has denied the relationship between Putin and Alaina. Putin divorced his wife Lyudmila in 2014, but her private life is rarely mentioned in the media. You don’t know much about your friends or family. Putin says his life is private and he doesn’t allow anyone to interfere. It must be respected.

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