Vladimir Putin’s World War: Vladimir Putin on World War III with Western Powers

Tensions between Russia and the United States and the United Kingdom in the Black Sea have started to rise since last week. Even President Vladimir Putin says there will be no world war even if the dispute escalates and it is because Western countries know they cannot win in a world battle. Previously, Moscow had claimed that its fighter jets bombed the British destroyer Defender on June 23. However, Britain has denied any such incident.

“Western countries cannot win”
Putin was asked if this incident could trigger World War III? To this, Putin said that even if Russia had sunk a British warship, it was unlikely because the Western powers know they cannot win in a global battle.

Putin said on a lengthy live broadcast on Wednesday that Britain was accompanied by a US plane whose mission was likely to monitor the Russian military’s response to the British destroyer. Putin says Moscow is aware of America’s intentions and has reacted accordingly to avoid revealing sensitive data.

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Tension mounts near Crimea
At the same time, Russia has also started testing its S-400 defense system in Crimea. Russian military officials are checking the operational readiness of this missile defense system. On the other hand, the US-led military organization, NATO, is conducting a maneuver called Operation Sea Bridge in the Black Sea these days. About 5,000 troops and 32 warships from 32 countries are involved in this exercise by countries opposing Russia. This is why he too is a stunner.

Britain’s claim, “the ship was at the border”
At the same time, Britain said of last Wednesday’s incident that its Defender ship was in regular operation on an internationally recognized travel route and in Ukrainian waters near Crimea. Like most countries in the world, Britain considers Crimea to be part of Ukraine, while Russia has annexed the peninsula.

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Russia’s warning
Russia called the defender’s move “provocative” and warned that undercover ships could be targeted the next time they attempt to test the resolve of Russian forces. Responding to a question about the ongoing standoff with Ukraine, Putin said the peoples of Russia and Ukraine have long been associated, but the Ukrainian leadership is hostile to Russia.

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Russia’s warning

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