Vocational and vocational training, among the objectives of the workers’ new year

Vocational and vocational training, among the objectives of the workers’ new year

Year changes are always special times: people take stock of what they’ve been through and set goals for the new one that begins. It becomes even more important after a year like 2020, which is so complicated and unfavorable for everyone. TV Rheinland, a leading entity in technical, safety and certification services in the world, also joins these hopes for change for 2021 and therefore proposes three New Year’s resolutions adapted to the new normal:

Resume Exercise: Taking care of your health should always be a goal, especially after the typical Christmas excesses. Therefore, it is recommended to resume exercise, whether on the street or at home. 2020 has increased the sedentary lifestyle of society, but staying physically active is an essential condition for being healthy and happy. In other words, always respecting the necessary precautions to protect against COVID-19. There are many ways to exercise safely at home or on the street, but the most important thing is to organize yourself. Setting simple goals and especially making these exercises a habit will be the best guarantee of success.

Take care of the planet: it’s never too late to start taking care of an issue as important as the environment. In addition, improving the efficiency of homes has a positive impact on people’s savings. For this, TV Rheinland integrates LEDs or low-consumption lamps, installs devices with the A +++ label, correctly regulates the temperature of homes during the winter months and ensures that the thermal insulation is adequate for get the most out of the energy used. air conditioning in houses.

Improve vocational and vocational training: Whatever the motivation, staying active in vocational training always adds value to professional profiles. TV Rheinland Academy offers by 2021 a multitude of courses in online format that allow training in areas as varied as quality or project management, food safety, industrial safety, automotive, environment, energy and occupational risk prevention. In addition, TV Rheinland offers innovative courses in emerging fields such as automobiles and high voltage electric vehicles or in disruptive technologies such as Blockchain. Thus, 2021 could serve to improve the readiness and employability of many people.

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