Vodafone launches e-learning content based on the principles of agility and autonomy

Vodafone launches e-learning content based on the principles of agility and autonomy

Thanks to iEazy, Vodafone has created more than 90% of its e-learning courses autonomously and faster than ever, by centralizing all its training processes through a single technological solution.

BY RRHHDigital, 4:15 p.m. – February 19, 2021

As one of the world leaders in the telecommunications landscape, Vodafone connects more than 600 million people daily. In Spain, its team is made up of more than 4,000 employees, all located in different regions of the country.After the health crisis and the arrival of teleworking, its main challenge was to create and share its e-learning courses on a large scale. evolve, optimizing its resources as much as possible.

The challenge was great. And the solution was to find an e-learning content creation tool that would allow them to meet the continuing education needs of their team: isEazy. Thanks to it, Vodafone is entering a new stage in which the production of its e-learning courses is easier and faster than ever.

Carmen Lpez Fdez. From Crdoba, Vodafone Learning Contents Factory Team Leader comments: “We needed a flexible and versatile tool that would allow us to learn quickly as a content factor, and involve other people in the organization who do not. were not present in the creation of our courses. familiar with the development of e-learning content ”.

Although they were already using other course creation tools, isEazy enabled them to increase their autonomy and efficiency. Thanks to the slide layout, its simple and intuitive interface, and the ability to create captivating content very easily, they were able to maximize the creation time of their e-learning courses. “Through their exercises and games, we have created more visual and interactive lessons. In addition, the ability to access its wide variety of pre-designed resources allows us to create very photographic content, with little effort, ”says Carmen.

Now Vodafone is able to create trainings in minutes for any type of use or training need. Learning pills related to new products, content on systems, collections of content on corporate culture, customer service, incident management … more than 400 courses created in less than two years.

“We apply the most advanced technology to simplify the creation processes of the most advanced companies in the country. Helping Vodafone achieve its goals so successfully has been a source of pride for isEazy. We hope to continue to meet your expectations, while expanding our processes and functionalities ”. Jos Luis de Federico, founder and CEO of isEazy (Bizpills Group).

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