Von der Leyen to travel to Spain next Wednesday to support stimulus package

Posted: Friday June 11 2021 2:12 PM

Key week in Spain’s relations. On June 16, President of Ursula Von der Leyen will visit Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez, according to laSexta. A meeting that will feature the support of the President of the European Commission for the reform and investment plan drawn up by the Spanish executive to absorb aid from the EU’s anti-crisis fund.

A key week in Spain’s contacts, where the Prime Minister will also meet US President Joe Biden and Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi.

The head of the EU executive will also visit Portugal on the same day and will visit Greece and Denmark on Thursday and Luxembourg on Friday. The visits to these countries (the first to send their plans) are intended for the German to announce the result of his analysis of his reforms and investments, which, except surprise, will be positive.

“The intention is to announce the result of our assessment of the national recovery and resilience plans,” European Commission spokesperson Dana Spinant said at a press conference. After the Brussels analysis, each of the plans will then have to be approved by the rest of the Member States.

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